What is Appleseed?

Project Appleseed is a marksmanship clinic. At an Appleseed event, you will learn how to shoot, sight and support your rifle (and some American history too!).

Events happen all over the country and typically you can find at least 2 or 3 events near you each year. The clinic generally runs from Saturday & Sunday from around 8/9AM until 3-4PM.

On Saturday you will learn the basics 6 steps of every shot:

– Sight Picture
– Sight Alignment
– Focusing your mind on keeping the front sight post on the target
– Respritory pause at the bottom of your breath
– Squeeeeeezing the trigger
– Calling your shot and followthrough

Sunday is all-day AQT (“Army Qualification Tests”) and known-distance shooting (if available).

There is nothing like Appleseed — if you’re interested in learning how to shoot a rifle, come on out and earn your patch!

Want to learn more?

Get prep advice and tips on maximizing effort to earning your Appleseed marksman patch sent to: