On Safety

Safety at Appleseed events is paramount. Every attendee is expected to follow the 4 safety rules at all time:

1. Always keep the muzzle in a safe direction. (down range)
2. Do not load until given the “LOAD” command.
3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
4. Make sure those around you follow the safety rules.

Since you will send a lot of time downrange changing and inspecting targets, it’s imperative that all rifles are made safe before stepping forward of the firing line.

What constitutes a “SAFE RIFLE”:

– Magazine out
– Bolt locked back
– Safety on
– Chamber flag in (they will give you a chamber flag if you don’t have one)
– Rifle grounded with the barrel forward of the firing line
– No one touching the rifle

Every single time the line is made safe, each rifle is checked by a range safety officer. If they notice something amiss about your rifle, they will come get you and make you fix it.

While shooting, there are always RSOs watching and are extremely quick to correct any potentially dangerous behavior.

Appleseed shoots are extremely safe and as long as you pay attention to what you are doing and follow the rules, there’s nothing to worry about.

Note that when you show up to an event, don’t bring your rifle out of the car until instructed to do so (after the safety briefing). Lastly, if you typically carry a concealed handgun, leave it in the car or at home. No other firearms are permitted on or off the line at events.